Future Andrew is the possible future version of Andrew Glouberman. He first appeared in "Am I Gay?". He is voiced by John Mulaney.


Future Andrew made his first appearance in "Am I Gay?", when Andrew kissed Nick and then had an imagination sequence to what his life would be like now that he has to tell his grandkids about the time he had his first kiss. An old man version of Andrew is shown, sitting on a couch and telling his three grandchildren (two boys and one girl) the story of how he had his first kiss with Nick Birch, who, in this future, is considered to be the honorary uncle of the grandkids. Andrew's sole granddaughter recognized Nick as Nick's future self, Nick Starr, from being the rich and famous host of a famous game show.

In "Drug Buddies", Nick had a drug trip, where he saw his future self. In this future, it was implied that for some reason, Future Andrew was apparently no longer friends with Future Nick, as Future Nick admitted to having no friends other than Andrew 3000, a robot clone of Future Andrew.

In "My Furry Valentine", Andrew wore a stupid red beret and imagined what his future would be like with this hat. In this future, Andrew was a famous celebrity, as was his girlfriend, Future Missy. Future Missy was at an award show, accepting a Grammy award and crediting her boyfriend for helping her get to where she was to that day. Future Andrew was shown, sitting in a chair and accepting applause from the rest of the audience, soaking in the fame and glory of his success.

Later in the episode, Andrew had another imagination sequence about an alternate version of this future, where Missy went out with Lars instead. The same situation happened but in this case, Future Lars would soak in the same and also send a shout out to Future Andrew, saying "Drink my piss, Andrew Glouberman."


Future Andrew is an older and taller version of Andrew Glouberman. In "Am I Gay?", Andrew was portrayed as an old grandpa, who was balding and old and gross. His hair was gray and almost completely gone, only growing around the sides of his head. He wore the same clothes, only how he also had a green jacket and a black belt and different shoes and eyeglasses. He also had a short gray mustache. In "My Furry Valentine", we saw a younger future version of Andrew, where he was a younger adult. Andrew had an elongated face and had grown a black goatee. He wore a red beret, a red tux, red pants, red glasses, a white undershirt, black shoes, and a black tie.


Future Andrew is an older version of Andrew Glouberman. He acts very suave and cool and as a celebrity, he truly embraces his newfound life of fame and glory.

Episode Appearances


  • Two versions of Future Andrew have appeared in the show, with both of them being different ages. In "Am I Gay?", we saw Andrew being portrayed as a senior citizen and in "My Furry Valentine", he was portrayed as a younger man, who was still likely somewhere around his 30's-40's.


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