Freddie Mercury (formerly Farrokh Bulsara) was the lead singer of Queen. He is portrayed as a ghost in Big Mouth. He first appeared in "Am I Gay?".


Freddie Mercury first appeared in "Am I Gay?", when Duke Ellington summoned him, along with the two other LGBT ghosts, Socrates and Antonin Scalia to help explain to Andrew what it's like to be gay in the form of a song, to help him come to terms with his sexuality.

Freddie Mercury made a crowd cameo in the cast reunion at the end of "The Planned Parenthood Show", despite having not appeared at any point earlier in the episode.

In "Cellsea", Freddie Mercury hangs out in the attic of The Birch House, along with Duke Ellington as well as Whitney Houston, David Bowie, and Prince. Jay seeks advice from Freddie Mercury about his sexuality. Duke believes that sexuality is just as simplistic as being either straight or gay but Freddie corrects him, saying that he's actually bisexual. Duke summons Gordy to teach Jay about all the sexual orientations in the form of a song. During the song, Freddie Mercury mentions that he's sexually aroused by his own body. Gordie has Freddie pinned as an autosexual on top of just being a bisexual.


Freddie Mercury is a Caucasian adult male with buzzcut raven hair and a large black mustache. He has a sculpted face with chiseled features such as pronounced cheekbones and a large two-lumped chin cleft. He has fat lips and buck teeth. Freddie has a curly-haired chest of abs and unshaven armpits beneath his arms of well-toned muscles. He wears a white wifebeater and light cyan pants, being held up by a black belt with a gray buckle. He also wears a black bracelet with gray spikes on it. Unlike most ghosts, his ghost tail is the same color as his pants, rather than the typical aqua shade not does he emit an aura.


Freddie Mercury is a wicked cool famous celebrity, who sings songs and acts very amazingly at all times. He died a rock legend and continues to live his afterlife as a rock legend. Being as awesome as he is, Freddie is unsurprising, not the most humble man there is. Freddie Mercury is very narcissistic and full of himself and has even claimed to be sexually attracted to himself. He even claims to, at times, prefer masturbating over having sex with someone else.

Episode Appearances


  • In "Cellsea", Freddie Mercury claims to be sexually attracted to himself. According to Gordy, this makes him an autosexual. Freddie Mercury claimed to have only been turned on by the sight of his own body, despite the fact that he is bisexual, which means that he must still get hard for females and other males.
  • Freddie Mercury is one of the only three ghosts who's ghost tail matches the color of his pants, rather than be a bright shade of aqua, like most ghost characters. The other two are Socrates and Antonin Scalia.
    • Interestingly, all three of these characters debuted in the episode, "Am I Gay?".
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