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Fred Armisen is an actor, comedian, writer, producer and musician. Fred portrays Elliot Birch, theGhost of Antonin Scalia, and the Bus Driver.


Character Episode Season Episode No.
Elliot Birch Ejaculation 1 1
Bus Driver Everybody Bleeds 1 2
Elliot Birch Am I Gay? 1 3
Ghost of Antonin Scalia Am I Gay? 1 3
TBA Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality 1 4
Elliot Birch Girls Are Horny Too 1 5
Elliot Birch Pillow Talk 1 6
Elliot Birch Requiem for a Wet Dream 1 7
Elliot Birch The Head Push 1 8
Elliot Birch I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah 1 9
Elliot Birch The Pornscape 1 10