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Four Stories About Hand Stuff is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Big Mouth. It is the thirty-eighth episode overall.


The kids at Bridgeton Middle explore enthusiastic consent, feminine pleasure, coercion, and more in four short films.


Framing Device

In the framing device of the episode, before the first story, Maury and Connie sit in Andrew's bed with a computer, they break the 4th Wall when they talk about the previous episode, they complain how they weren't in it, the camera pans to the computer screen showing Netflix and the title of the episode Maury then says they better be in it, Connie breaks the wall again by referencing Mark Levin and the other 3 Creators, saying they're all married to each other, she presses play and it smoothly transitions into the theme song, when the Created By screen shows up Maury shows up and says "OH hey there's Mark Levin, one of the three husbands!" The first story then starts.

Touched By A Jay-ngel

In Touched By A Jay-ngel it opens on Caleb delivering a petition to divorce to Devin, it then transitions to Lola in the girls changing room telling everyone about the divorce making somewhat of a celebration about it with confetti and saying supposedly they divorced because Devin wouldn't give DeVon a handjob, Gina then complains about it by saying that all the boys are going to expect a handjob now. Ali suggests its better for your man to pleasure you, the mind blown effect is used again with Lola. We go to the library next with Jay and Lola talking about the divorce with Lola suggesting that Jay finger her. Jay then goes to Andrew and Nick to go cut his nails, he then brags about him going to finger Lola when Andrew asks, Jay then goes to his brothers for advice, they give him terrible advice and he goes to Lola's condo, he uses the terrible advice and Lola shows him how to correctly do it. Then we go to the next story.

The Hand M-Aiden's Tale

The Hand M-Aiden's Tale, the third story in this episode opens on Matthew watching a livestream of Devin crying about her divorce and making a mockery of people on Instagram who cry on livestreams, Matthew's Mom drops him off at the Panera Bread and Maury is confused why she didn't drop them off at Aiden's as they were going there, we then cut to Aiden, Matthew and his friends watching Devin's livestream and making fun of her, they then start talking about hand-jobbing and how all of their gay friends are doing it, Matthew then gets self conscious about how he hasn't done it with Aiden, Maury then shows Aiden a parody of Drunk History called Spunk History where he drinks his own jizz and talks about the history of gayness making many mistakes along the way, of course. Matthew then goes back to Aiden's and attempts to give him a handjob and Matthew then talks about how its their duty to do it cause they're gay, this story takes place in April because Maury shows a calendar while saying six months from now. Matthew then goes home after making out with Aiden, he texts Aiden something gay and he goes to take a shower, his mom then comes in to get his laundry when Aiden texts Matthew something and Matthew's Mom picks up his phone and looks at it, finding out he's gay, unbeknownst to Matthew. Then we go to the next story.

The Glouberman Method

In The Glouberman Method, the third story in the episode, Andrew demonstrates the method in which he prepare to masturbate to Nick after his fight with Jessi, Maury encourages him to do it "willy nilly" and he does, shortly after, his grandfather, Lewis dies, and Andrew believes it was his doing, he is racked with guilt and in the next episode, The Funeral he goes to his funeral. Then we go to the final story.

Blue Balls

Blue Balls, the last story, opens on Michealangelo and Jessi making out , he then fakes blue balls as an agonizing pain and encourages Jessi to give him a handjob to cure it, Jessi isn't ready and says she'll do it later, she then goes on the subway back home and she worries about him and Tito creates a hospital full of blue balls in her mind, Connie breaks the 4th Wall again saying she'll complain to Mark Levin, Jessi then goes back to Michealangelo's apartment and offers to give him a handjob Michealangelo's Penis appears (who is from Long Island), Jessi starts laughing at it and Michealangelo gets angry and he breaks up with Jessi, Jessi goes home and Shannon comes into her room with an email about how she hasn't been in school for a week, the Depression Kitty says she should just shut her out but Connie says that Jessi should tell her mom about everything, then Tito says that it would be worse if she told her mom about Michealangelo. We then transition to the ending scene.

Ending Scene

We go back to all the characters in the stories (Lola and Jay, DeVon, Nick, The Reporter that was on the TV in Michealangelo's apartment) we then go back to Maury and Connie in Andrew's bed, they say they enjoyed the episode and then they have sex, Andrew wakes up on his bed before the credits roll. The End.


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Minor Roles