Rrovv! Rover! Over! My nightmare is over.
—Featuring Ludacris in How to Have an Orgasm

Featuring Ludacris is a pit bull belonging to the Bilzerian family. He is voiced by Jordan Peele.


In "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", Jay introduces Featuring Ludacris to Nick and Andrew during the latter two's stay at Jay's house. He explains that Featuring Ludacris has a rare medical condition that makes him aware of his own existence.

Nick and Andrew later use his condition to distract him when they escape from Jay's house.

In "Am I Normal?", while eating Jay's food, Featuring Ludacris starts to believe he is getting fat. He is later seen using the family's elliptical machine in an attempt to get in shape, but he starts to believe he never will.

In "Drug Buddies", during one of Nick's drug-fueled hallucinations, he and Featuring Ludacris have a discussion about relationships. Nick expresses his worries about dying alone, and Featuring Ludacris empathizes. Featuring Ludacris says that he once fell in love with a beagle and wanted to mate with her, but left her because she wasn't in heat. One of Jay's brothers later struck her in her eye with a slingshot, killing her. He then tells Nick that a real connection is rare, like a white shit. In reality, Featuring Ludacris is actually trying to attack Nick, but Jay comes to restrain him.

In "The Department of Puberty", Featuring Ludacris tears up with pride for Jay as the latter embraces his bisexuality.

In "My Furry Valentine", Featuring Ludacris watches Jay run between having sex between the pillow from the Motel, and the couch cushion from the Motel, he states that Jay is under pressure.

In "How To Have An Orgasm", Nick gets attacked by Jay's brothers and rides on Featuring Ludacris out of the house to escape. As he runs away, Featuring Ludacris proudly claims that his "nightmare" is over, in reference to the fact that he's finally escaped his torturous house of abusive owners. Nick brings Featuring Ludacris back to his own house and lets him live safely in the attic with Jay.

In "Duke", Featuring Ludacris appears in the attic and says that he lost his virginity to a dachshund.

In "The ASSes", Jay left The Birch House to go back to living with his own family but did not take Featuring Ludacris with him, implying that Featuring Ludacris is still living with The Birch Family.


Featuring Ludacris is a gray pitbull with dark gray eyes and a red collar.


Featuring Ludacris is a pitbull with a human level of self-awareness. He is very wise beyond everyone else in the family. loyal to his family and will attack any newcomer he sees. Behind his vicious exterior, however, he is sensitive and insecure, and becomes sad when he sees his reflection.

Episode Appearances


  • His name is a reference to the rapper, Christopher Bridges, better known by his stage name, Ludacris and the fact that many songs will feature him, so that the credits of the song will say "(name of song), feat. Ludacris."
  • In "Am I Gay?", Jay encouraged Nick to spread rumors that Jessi puts peanut butter on her dog's dick and licks it off. Nick said it would make more sense to put peanut butter on one's own dick so their dog can lick it off and Jay had an epiphany and said that would feel much better. This implies that Jay does this sexual act with Featuring Ludacris.
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