Everybody Bleeds is a song from the episode Everybody Bleeds. It is a slow and down beat ballad that ends with a titular refrain.

The song is inspired by Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. Writing and singing credits go to Mark Rivers, who writes all the songs for the series. Aimee Mann sings it during end credits. has an article regarding Mark Rivers and imbd trivia that gives credit to Aimee Mann and is another source verifying Mark Rivers as its author.


When the ovum first descends,

It is expelled.

And it's expelled with the uterine lining.

And the flow,

And the menstrual flow begins.

Out the vagina,

Out the vagina it all comes sliding.

No, no you're not alone.

Cause everybody bleeds,

From time to time.

So let flow.

Friendships fall apart,

And leave a shameful stain,

On the white pants of your heart.

And everybody bleeds.

Like your insides are exploding.

Everybody bleeds.

Life's all heartaches, cramps and bloating.

Everybody bleeds.