"Everybody Bleeds" is the second episode of the first season of Big Mouth. It is the second episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 29, 2017. It was written by Kelly Galuska and directed by Bryan Francis.


On a class field trip to The Statue of Liberty, Nick announces that he and Jessi are officially a couple. Meanwhile, Jessi gets her first period.


The episode starts with Jessi trying to find clothes to wear for the day. Her mother comes in and suggests that she wears white shorts, to which she agrees.

Meanwhile, Andrew asks Nick about his new relationship with Jessi, to which Nick is very unsure of. Maury then tells Andrew to tell Nick to send Jessi a dic pic, but Andrew ignores him.

At school, the kids are getting ready for the trip to the Statue of Liberty. Matthew tells Nick to get final with his relationship with Jessi, and because they’re now a “couple,” they must sit at the back of the bus. When the bus does come, Jessi and Nick sit together in the back, while Andrew sits with Coach Steve.

When they do get to the Statue, Nick goes with Devin, and Jessi goes with Devin, to which both groups talk about each other. Jay, who is trying to preform a magic trick on the Statue, is captured by security guards.

Later, Andrew catches up to Jessi to ask her about Nick. However, Andrew notices that she has a blood stain on her shorts, and she realizes that it’s period blood


Major Roles

Minor Roles



  • This episode marks the debut of Connie, Lars, Caleb, Terry Lizer, Shannon Glaser, and The Ladybug.
  • Nick and Jessi officially become a couple.
  • Coach Steve says that his mom is dating her hospice nurse, who goes by the name "Roberto".
  • Couples sit in the back of the schoolbus.
  • Lars reveals that he used to be able to walk, before he was vaccinated.
  • Jessi gets her first period.
  • It is revealed that male "Devin's" real name is actually "DeVon", but he goes by "Devin" so he and the his girlfriend, Devin match.
  • List of people who went into the bathroom:
  • Andrew is a Mets fan.
  • Coach Steve is illiterate.
  • Duke Ellington retells the story of the time he scared a cat.
  • Jessi first gets her hormone monster, Connie in this episode, officially starting puberty.

Cutural References

  • Terry Lizer educated Coach Steve and the kids on how the "Americans" stole the land from the Native Americans.
  • Jay Bilzerian plans on making The Statue of Liberty disappear like David Copperfield.
  • It's mentioned that The Statue of Liberty is technically not an American landmark, as it was built by the French and given to America as a gift.
  • The Statue of Liberty references to the famous cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and Baba Looey.
  • One of the cops calls Jay "Aladdin Bin Laden", in reference to the two famous Muslims, Aladdin from the famous Disney movie of the same name, and Osama Bin Laden the Islamic extremist who caused 9/11.
  • Andrew said "Are you there, Jessi? It's me, Andrew." This is a reference to the book, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret".
  • Matthew sees a full-grown man wearing a Minions T-shirt.
  • The song "Everybody Bleeds" is a parody on the R.E.M. song, "Everybody Hurts".


  • Nick and Jessi's relationship as well as Andrew and Missy's relationship from "Ejaculation" is continued.
  • Connie tells Jessi that during their time together, she's going to rob a lipstick store. This prophecy would later come true in "The Shame Wizard" when Jessi stole a tube of lipstick from a convenience store.
  • On a stall in the girls' bathroom, a heart was carved into the wall along with the writing "Svetlana + Dimitri 4 Ever". Shortly afterward, a Russian janitor, (presumably Dimitri), is shown cussing own his ex-girlfriend, who is named "Svetlana" for leaving him. It's possible that this "Svetlana" is the same Svetlana who later appears in "The Pornscape", with them both being Russian girls named Svetlana. Svetlana works as a livecame thot, which would make it perfectly in character for her to "leave" Dimitri like this.
  • Duke Ellington tells the story of how he impregnated a girl, left town, and changed his name to "Duke" to avoid fathering the child and being found. In the episode "Duke", we see a young Duke Ellington (who at the time, went by "Edward") have sex with a girl on vacation in Atlantic City, go back home to Washington, and around the same time, change his name to "Duke".


  • Shannon says Jessi isn't ready for tampons, yet enough she has a few on the bed.
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