And now you're worried you're a homosexual? Nicky, a man can touch another penis, or even kiss one, very lightly, and it still doesn't necessarily mean he's a homosexual.
—Elliot Birch to Nick Birch in Ejaculation
Elliot Birch is a supporting character in Big Mouth. He is the kindhearted husband of Diane Birch and the father of Judd Birch, Leah Birch and Nick Birch.


Elliot is a white-skinned man with dark-brown hair that has two visible light brown streaks and light blue eyes.

He wears a blue vest, a pink shirt, dark blue pants and dark orange shoes.


Elliot is a very kind and gentle doctor who was married to Diane Birch that he was a happy, generous, smart and fatherly man with Nick Birch.


Elliot was born to unknown parents in an unknown time who went to school, graduated from college and he then went on to pursuing a job as a cardiologist where he married Diane Birch and had three children whom he named Judd Birch, Leah Birch and Nick Birch. Sometime before, during, or after this, he bought the house that Duke Ellington died in and where the Ghost of Duke Ellington currently resides.

In Season 1 Episode 1, he very openly admits that he loves his family who also tells Nick and Andrew Glouberman that he loves them as they are leaving the dinner table. Later on in this episode, he admits to Nick that he doesn't have a very big penis, and that touching or gently kissing another man's penis is not gay. 



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  1. In The Planned Parenthood Show, Elliot states that his flashback took place in 1955, to which Nick replies "No. You weren't even born yet, Dad."
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