"Ejaculation" is the first episode of the first season of Big Mouth. It is the first episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 29, 2017. It was written by Nick Kroll and directed by Joel Moser.


As Andrew falls under the spell of the randy Hormone Monster, his buddy Nick becomes obsessed with the lack of changes in his own body.


The episode opens with the seventh grade class watching a video on the female reproductive organs. Both Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman are confused at the news of females having uteruses, thinking that "vagina" is a slang term. When Andrew says the word vagina Maurice "Maury" the Hormone Monster pops out of his desk where Andrew tells him that he is is something that his brain created. Maury then gives Andrew an erection to prove how real he is. Andrew must jerk off in order for Maury to leave him alone.

Jessi Glaser makes comments about how it is easier for boys to go through puberty, and calls girls a yarn ball of aching tubes and says this is why girls need equal pay. It is revealed that Jessi is a feminist in later episodes. Jay Bilzerian then says his father told him once maternity leave is factored in then women do get equal pay, to which Jessi replied that Jay's dad is a scumbag DUI attorney. Matthew makes a dig at Jay for having a uni brow. 

In the next scene it cuts to Nick's house with his family and Andrew sitting around the table eating dinner. Elliot Birch (Nick's father) says how lucky he is to have a beautiful family and gorgeous home. He also tells Andrew that Duke Ellington died in their home. Nick is embarrassed of the way his mum treats him in front of Andrew and when the two escape up to Nick's bedroom Elliot tells both boys that he loves them.  

In Nick's bedroom Andrew tells him that he is not going to go to the dance on Friday as he doesn't want to ask a girl and doesn't need that kind of rejection. Nick responds that they were going as a group with the both of them plus Jessi and Jay. Andrew states that Jay has been bragging that he is going to get fingered at the dance. Both boys doubt that Jay has even kissed a girl with tongue as you need to have major tongue to make a kiss official.  

When Andrew is finished in the bathroom he walks into Nick's room wearing a towel and Nick jumps out of a cupboard and scares him. Andrew drops the towel and tells him not to look. It is revealed that Andrew has a lot of pubic hair which then freaks out Nick who runs out of the room. Both boys are laying in bed where Nick told Andrew he didn't even look. The moon comes up and Maury comes to visit again. Andrew tells Maury that he doesn't want to do that laying next to a friend but Maury tells him that he is a perfectly normal gross little dirtbag. Andrew then starts to masturbate to a cat clock on the wall, that was given to Nick by his Grandmother. Maury then convinces Andrew to think of his dad's associate Susan. The clock turns into her and she is in a golf outfit.  

The next morning Nick's parents drop Andrew off at his house. When asked about going to Jay's to play basketball Nick told Andrew that he actually has family stuff on this weekend. Nick's parents realize that he is upset and tell him that he can tell them anything. Nick tells them that he saw Andrew's penis the night prior and then his dad asks him if he is a homosexual. His mum says that he could do a lot worse than Andrew, both seem happy at the possibility of their son being gay. But Nick shoots it down saying that Andrew had a bigger and hairier penis than he does. Elliot Birch reveals that he has one big monster in his pants that wraps around his shins twice.  


Notes & trivia

  • Nick has an indoor basketball hoop and a large cola bottle filled with coins in his room.