Dr. Wendell Ingle is Nick's pediatric doctor. He is a rude and condescending doctor, who works in a children's hospital and passive-aggressively vents about his marital problems to his patients. He first appeared in "Am I Normal?".


In "Am I Normal?", Nick went to Dr. Ingle because he wasn't going through puberty. Dr. Ingle told nick that he was in the 4th percentile for height and the 80th percentile for head size and then teased him for this. Dr. Ingle told Nick to pull down his pants and show him his testicles and congratulated him on his newly grown pubes. Nick suggested that a way for him to speed up his pubescent process, he should probably undergo hormone therapy, which is something he read about online. Dr. Ingle sarcastically criticized Nick for bringing this up, taking offense to the fact that he would do such a thing. Apparently, Dr. Ingle felt as though Nick was telling him how to do his job, while he had far less experience in the medical field than he did. Dr. Ingle gave Nick his stethoscope and said that he could be the new doctor and do his job from now on. Eventually, Dr. Ingle's rant devolved into a thinly-veiled tangent about his wife and how she spends lots of his money on flowers. Among all of this pointless rambling, Dr. Ingle briefly told Nick that he was too young for hormone therapy and that he would only consider giving him medical intervention if he was 16 and still not going through puberty. Lastly, Dr. Ingle revealed that his first name was Wendy. This was the end of Nick's visit to the doctor and virtually none of his problems were addressed, let alone, solved.

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