"Disclosure (The Musical)" is a song performed in "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!" It is sung by the students auditioning for the musical.

Big Mouth- Season 3 - Musical of the movie Disclosure

Big Mouth- Season 3 - Musical of the movie Disclosure


Lump, Mila and Lotte
It's finally happening
We've waited so long

DeVon, Devin and student
They've captured the magic
And put it to song

Lump, Lotte and Mila
Got to land the part
Got to keep my composure
To be in the musical
(two students join in)
Of the movie Disclosure

(Dialogue break)

All right people
Let's get started
Who's up first please

I'm Nick Birch
And I'm reading for
The Michael Douglas role
I'm a family man
Not a sexual harasser
My boss tried to do me
Now my life's a disaster
I only let her blow me
I did nothing wrong

(Dialogue break)

Wow, very loud
Thank you

Umm, Jessi Glazer
I guess I'll read for
The dutiful wife?

No matter what happens
I'll stay at my station
Through scandal and lies
And public humiliation
Cause standing by her
husband is a woman's job

What the fuck? Really?

Don the costumes
And build the sets
It's gonna be weird
And inappropriate
We're making a musical
Of the movie Disclosure

It's a story about
Women kicking butt
And being rapists
Just like dudes

My character's name is
Señorita Cleaning Lady

Mine's Hot Asian
With Asian Boobs

Ah, the smell
Of the greasepaint
The roar of the crowd
Are dangerously toxic
And frighteningly loud
I'd rather just do tech
And stay out of sight

(Dialogue break)

Okay. Next!

I'm Missy Foreman-Greenwald
And I'm auditioning for the
Part of Demi Moore

I'm a modern '90s woman
I'll take what I want
In my power suit
My cleavage I'll flaunt
No man is not gonna
Bone me without a fight

Oh, I felt that one

Sorry, I'm late, gang
But have no fear
Your little show is saved
Your leading man is here
Clear the stage
All you wannabes and posers

You're gonna be dazzled
Appalled and perplexed
Our parents will squirm
Watching us simulate sex

When we're doing a
Musical of the movie

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