Cantor Dina Reznick is a recurring character in Big Mouth. She is the current love interest of Shannon Glaser.


Dina makes her first appearance in Pillow Talk when she is seen with Andrew Glouberman's missing jazz hat. Nick Birch and Andrew follow her only to discover that she is in the midst of having an affair with Shannon Glaser.

Dina is mentioned in The Head Push when a drunk Nick Birch mistakenly tells Jessi Glaser about her mother's affair with Dina.

Dina makes a final appearance in I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah when she sings a song at Jessi Glaser's Bat Mitzvah.

In Season 2, she shows up at the Korean spa.

In Season 3, she breaks up with Shannon Glaser, and acts very nonchalantly in front of her and Jessi about it, even though she has left Shannon heartbroken, showing not a shred of remorse.

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