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Ah, I could eat you alive... Oh, you smell like fresh buttered baby... I want to put you back up inside.
—Diane Birch to Nick Birch in Ejaculation

Diane Birch is a supporting character in Big Mouth. She is the wife of Elliot Birch and the mother of Judd Birch, Leah Birch and Nick Birch.


Diane has orange hair, green eyes and she is normally seen with pink eyeshadow and lipstick.

Along with that she wears golden earrings and a golden necklace. She wears a blue shirt that is a cross between a scoop neck and somewhat of a v-neck. Her pants are white skinny jeans.


Diane is a loving mother and wife who can become smothering and this occasionally drives Nick Birch away. She is also afraid of her children growing up too fast as seen in I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah, when she became distraught because Nick did not want to have her tuck him in, call him Nicky and kiss him on the lips. She can be a stern mother as seen in The Head Push, when she grounded her children, sans Nick, for having a house party while she and Elliot were out of the house.


Diane was born sometime before the events of the series where she met/married Elliot Birch and had Judd Birch, Leah Birch and Nick Birch.

Sometime before, between, or after that, Diane and Elliot bought the house that Duke Ellington died in and currently resides as a ghost (unbeknownst to the couple).



  • Elliot Birch - Diane and Elliot have a very youthful relationship, show as they once made love for twelve hours.  
  • Judd Birch - Like Leah Birch, Judd doesn't get special treatment from Dine, she grounded him too, even though he was not the one who threw the party. She grounded him rather because he was a part of it and did not tell her. Judd has not been seen interacting with Diane much either that his Gothic personality makes him hide in the shadows and not open up much.  
  • Leah Birch - While Diane loves Leah as much as she loves Nick Birch, she does not go soft on her. Diane grounded Leah when she held a house party and not much interaction has been seen between the two in the series.
  • Nick Birch - Diane gives Nick special treatment. While she punishes Judd Birch and Leah Birch for holding a house party in The Head Push, Nick gets out without any reprimand whatsoever. However, Diane can be the mean parent when she need to. In Pillow Talk, she took Netflix away from Nick for six weeks because of him skipping school to go to New York.



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  1. She introduces herself as such in Elliot's flashback in The Planned Parenthood Show; Nick immediately notes "That's not mom's maiden name."
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