Devin is a major character in Big Mouth. She is the most popular girl at Bridgeton Middle School and a shameless alpha bitch who bullies other girls by insulting, gossiping and spreading rumors about them, along with Lola Skumpy (Devin's friend) who she also secretly bullies and the bossy/domineering girlfriend turn wife of DeVon.

She is voiced by June Diane Raphael.


Devin's outfit is mainly a blue button dress with brown boots. She also wears bracelets and as of "Rankings", which includes her wedding ring.


Devin is your average gossip girl who is proud of being the popular girl and her popularity is well known that she's not above doing anything underhanded to keep it that way. 


In "Everybody Bleeds", Devin and DeVon were seen as a couple for the first time where DeVon revealed to Nick Birch just how domineering Devin was to him, when he said that she forced him to change his name to "Devin" so that they'd have the same name. Nick convinced DeVon that Devin was no good for him and so he dumped her. Later on, DeVon had a change of heart and Devin went out with him again.

In "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", Devin and Lola Skumpy went to Jessi Glaser's house for a sleepover. Devin teased Missy Foreman-Greenwald for the way she was acting after having sugar. Jessi went along with it so Devin would like her, which broke Missy's heart, seeing her own friend bully her like that. This led the girls into having a fallout. At the end of the night, everyone made up and watched Castle starring Nathan Fillion.

In "What Is It About Boobs?", DeVon broke up with Devin to be with Gina Alvarez. Out of jealousy, Devin invited Nick on a double date with herself, DeVon and Gina. She did not actually care for him though. This was just done in an effort to make DeVon jealous. Nick invited Andrew to go with Lola. The night ended with Nick's penis being exposed by Lola with everyone mocking him except for Andrew and Gina. DeVon and Devin got back together shortly after.

In "Dark Side of the Boob", Devin was getting jealous of all the attention Gina was receiving. Jessi let it slip to Devin that Gina let Nick touch her breasts. Devin reacted and told Lola who ended up spreading it to the other students through a text message. Word of the incident spread quickly and Gina was labeled as a slut. When the students were outside, Gina saw how much everyone was talking about her. After seeing what Devin was whispering, Gina confronted Devin to ask her what she was saying. Devin stands up and calls Gina a "Slut" to her face, which causes Gina to quickly boil over and the two of them start a fight, which was eventually broken up by Coach Steve. Gina left the fight with everyone watching and ran away crying in humiliation.

In "Smooch or Share", Lola unfollows Devin's social media accounts after confronting her. After struggling to find Devin a Valentine's Day gift in My Furry Valentine, DeVon got her an engagement ring and proposed to Devin, indicating that the two got engaged.

In "Girls Are Angry Too", Devin and the other girls protested the new dress code by dressing up like sluts and they each introduced themselves with a song, but this action resulted in everyone wearing school uniforms. In the end, the uniform dress code was banished and everyone was free to wear whatever they wanted.

In "My Furry Valentine", DeVon showered Devin with tons of gifts for Valentine's day but she rejected all of them, deeming all of them unworthy. She demanded that DeVon get her something that will "devastate" her. At the end of the episode, DeVon proposed to her, successfully "devastating" her, just like she demanded. This marriage proposal was in no way false or exaggerated as he used a real wedding ring and filled out actual legal documents to ensure the legitimacy of their child wedding.

In "Rankings", Devin held a bachelorette party where she and the other girls decided to rank the hottest boys at Bridgeton Middle School. Devin became distraught when she saw how low she was ranked on a majority of the lists from the boys. This was so painful for her that she had to postpone her wedding with DeVon. Later on, Devin came around and the duo officially got married in Devin's backyard.

In "Super Mouth", DeVon gained fire powers while Devin gained water powers where the two of them worked as a team with their powers perfectly balancing each other out. Ali called Devin a basic bitch, but Devin denied this saying that she can't be considered "basic" if she's married to a black guy.




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  • In "Rankings", it was revealed that Devin had an unnamed younger sister who drinks alcohol despite being ridiculously underage.
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