Detective Dumont is a police detective, who works at the Police Station, alongside Detective Florez. He is one of the main investigators in the case of The Ponytail Killer.


In "Pillow Talk", Detective Dumont and Detective Florez appeared in an imagination sequence, had by Jay, where he threw himself down the stairs to kill himself.

In "The Pornscape", Detectives Dumont and Florez looked into who The Ponytail Killer was. When Coach Steve made a bunch of stupidly incriminating comments, they brought him in for questioning and strongly suspected him of being guilty. However, the real ponytail killer would commit another murder, while they were interrogating Steve, clearing his record.

In "Am I Normal?", Detectives Dumont and Florez talked to Shannon and Greg about their runaway daughter, Jessi.

Episode Appearances

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