It's time for a new approach. We just want things to be easier, don't we?
—Depression Kitty in The Department of Puberty

The Depression Kitty is a monster that works in the depression division in the monster world

She is voiced by Jean Smart.


Kitty takes the form of a fat, purple, bipedal cat with dark stripes and she is a bit taller than Connie the Hormone Monstress.


Kitty is shown to be sassy, charming and manipulative who convinces others to do what she wants by sweet-talking them into it.


In "Smooch or Share", after Jessi Glaser parts with Connie the Hormone Monstress, Kitty appears behind Jessi and possessively places her hands on her shoulders and purrs as the episode fades to black and ends.

In "The Department of Puberty", in a meeting in the Department of Puberty in the monster world, Jessi Glaser's monsters deem Connie the Hormone Monstress a failure as Jessi's main monster and call in Kitty as a replacement. Kitty claims she can make things easier for Jessi, and the latter, eavesdropping on the conversation, decides that she indeed wants to go with Kitty.

Kitty takes Jessi to the department's depression ward and urges her to get into bed and do nothing. Jessi initially likes this, but she begins to feel uncomfortable doing so. She tries to get up, but Kitty prevents her from moving by laying on top of her, intent on not letting her ever leave.

Realizing that she needs help with her depression, Jessi calls out and is heard by Connie, Maurice the Hormone Monster, Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, who are looking for her and help her break out of the depression ward and escape from Kitty.

In "The ASSes", Jessi's depression comes back as she takes the big test known as the ASSes. Kitty sneaks back into Jessi's mind after she starts to have doubts about passing the test as well as living up to Shannon's expectations. Jessi tries to fight off Kitty whose telling her she should give up. Jessi took one of Jay Bilzerian's Adderalls to help her focus on the test.

As she continues to study, the effects of the pill started to wear off and Kitty came back into her mind. The next morning, Kitty is on top of Jessi as she starts to wake up. Shannon Glaser comes in and tells Jessi it's time for school. Jessi says she doesn't care about anything anymore. Kitty encourages her to stay in bed. Greg Glaser goes in Jessi's room to encourage her not to give up where his words of advice convinced Jessi to get out of bed and go to school. 

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