Daniel is a student at Bridgeton High School and a recurring character in Big Mouth.


Before Big Mouth

Sometime before the series, Daniel dated Tallulah Levine, sometime during their relationship, Daniel wanted Tallulah to perform oral sex. When she refused, Daniel said that she did perform oral sex with him, and spread the rumor that she was a "blowjob machine".

During Big Mouth

Daniel only appears in The Head Push, when Leah holds a party to celebrate the school play. It was hinted that she was infatuated with Daniel.

Daniel returned her feelings and they ended up kissing in Leah's bedroom. Soon enough, Daniel wanted Leah to engage in oral sex. Although Leah told him she was not interested, Daniel kept on pushing her head towards his crotch.

Finally, Leah had enough. She told Daniel off and went back to a lower floor, where most of the guests were.

During a game of charades, Leah portrayed him pushing her head down, exposing him as a head pusher.

Daniel left the house in anger, collecting snide remarks and rude gestures. As Daniel was going to his car, he discovered that Judd had deflated his tires.

In the parody of Seinfeld, Jessi says Daniel died because of a Cotton Candy Brandy induced tumor.


Daniel was shown to be an aspiring actor and has an extravagant personality. He is loud and boisterous. He is shown to be very forward such as, the time when he dropped the card on purpose to kiss Leah, or the time when he tried to get Leah to perform oral sex.

Daniel is proven to be very delusional and attempts to portray himself as a victim when he says that by not giving him oral sex Leah gave him "blue balls", falsely stating that it was assault when he was the one who sexually assaulted Leah, and that she was "slut-shaming" him when she exposed him in front of everybody, thinking that what he did wasn't a big deal when it was a serious offense that he could've been arrested for had he not died off-screen.


Daniel is a teenage boy who is around the age of sixteen. He has a long nose and green eyes. His hair is brown and covered with a blue beanie.He usually wears a purple, black striped shirt. Daniel has a black belt with a silver buckle. He wears dark jeans that are folded up wear the his brown shoes begin.


  • Daniel committed sexual assault, because he pushed Leah to perform a sex act when she already expressed that she would not like to give him oral sex.
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