This page showcases all of Connie's different outfits that she has been seen in throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.
Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

Connie Salsa Dress Outfit
"Girls Are Horny Too" Connie wears a long-sleeved, floor-length black salsa dress with red trim and has two flowers of differing shades of pink in her hair when she sings “Sexy Red Bra”.
Connie Business Outfit
"The Head Push" Connie wears a light turquoise blazer as she celebrates Andrew and Missy’s first kiss with Maury in the office.
Connie Bat Mitzvah Dress Outfit
"I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah" Connie wears a duplicate of Jessi’s bat mitzvah dress as she gives a speech about what it’s like to be a woman. Her hair is also tied in a matching ponytail by a yellow ribbon. According to Connie, the dress, which is boxy, tan, and has yellow stripes, makes them look like “a couple of fig newtons”.

Season Two

Connie Shoplifting Outfit
"Steve the Virgin" Conine is seen wearing sunglasses and wielding a shotgun that she threatens customers with while Jessi shoplifts.
Connie Vagilante Outfit
"The Planned Parenthood Show" During Missy’s Vagilante skit from “The Planned Parenthood Show”, Connie has on a bandolier.
Connie Crocodile Dundee Outfit
"Smooch or Share" Connie wears a brown vest, brown Akubra hat, brown belt with knife sheath attached and crocodile teeth necklace when she talks about the kids wearing crocs at the sleepover. The outfit is likely a reference to Crocodile Dundee.

Season Three

Connie Pirate Outfit
"Girls Are Angry Too" When the girls plan a slut walk, Connie is seen wearing a pirate outfit consisting of a white corset, purple waistcoat, purple tricorn hat with a red sash and a white feather, and a single braid in her hair. On her right foot, she has on a heeled purple boot and on the other, she has on a dildo peg leg that is also purple. Additionally, she has a green parrot on her right shoulder that wears a matching hat and braid, and says “free the nipple”.
Connie Florida Outfit
"Florida" While in Florida, Connie wears a red bikini top with white polka dots, frayed, denim booty shorts, and rose tinted sunglasses with white frames. Her hair is styled with waves.
Connie Music Video Outfit
"Rankings" During the “Why Does Nobody (Get How Great I Am?)” song, Connie temporarily dons lensless black-framed glasses, a thick black choker, a white t-shirt and a red, checkered jacket tied around her waist.
Connie BDSM Outfit
"Super Mouth" After Shannon mentions that she’s interested in BDSM, Connie is seen in BDSM gear, complete with a riding crop, with her hair tied into a lengthy high ponytail.
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