Constance[1] "Connie" Harland the Hormone Monstress (played by Maya Rudolph) is a monster that helps the FemaleFemale Symbol (with an exception being Nick Birch) characters during puberty. She usually shows up when a major event happens, like when Jessi Glaser gets her period or when Missy Foreman-Greenwald was kissing Andrew Glouberman. She seems to be the part of a females mind that yearns for glamour, saying things such as “Get rid!” like Jessi’s bra and baseball mitt. This was during S1E2 and S1E5.


Little is known about Connie. She is apparently younger than Maury because she is not shown during his creation. Sometime before the events of Ejaculation, she was romantically involved with Maurice. Connie is described as “Very beautiful” by Jessi, to which Connie responds “I know” which in some ways could be seen as displaying confidence as a female.



  • In some pirated Polish DVD's of Big Mouth, she has a sea captain's hat attatched to her head for no reason. Some recordings of it can be found on YouTube, but are copyright claimed frequently.


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