Cheryl Glouberman, better known as Cherry Maraschino, is Andrew's cousin. Cherry is interested in Andrew as more than a cousin. She often flirts and teases him. Her character is voiced by Julie Klausner.


Cherry and Andrew often played together when they were younger and even took baths together. Cherry could make Andrew play My Little Pony with her, which he apparently hated.

As she grew into adolescence, Cherry became rebellious and started vaping as well as calling herself "Cherry Marashino" after being told she needed a "catchy stage name" if she wanted to vape competitively and became attracted to her own cousin even though she will deny it in front of her family. She also befriended a violent girl named Vicky.

In Florida, Cherry tries to seduce Andrew during a family gathering. At first Andrew tried to resist her advances but eventually gives in and they made out in their grandmother's bed with Andrew wearing their late grandmother's wig until their relatives walk in on them. Their family scolds Andrew while Cherry denies being attracted to him and nobody scolds her. Cherry's father and uncle then start fighting until Andrew's mother separates everybody and takes her family and Nick home.

In How To Have An Orgasm, Cherry still has an interest in Andrew and sends him a photo of her cleveage under the pretence of wanting to show him her new necklace, leading Andrew to send her a photo of his private parts. Cherry appears in a scenario with Vicky and two other girls in Andrew's imagination. After receiving the pic Cherry sent him a message although it is unknown what her answer was since Andrew's parents found out what he did and take his laptop and phone.


Cherry has wavy brown hair tied into a side ponytail and hazel eyes. She dresses rather provocatively with a yellow crop top with puffy sleeves, maroon shorts and shoes and a black choker. She also wears pink lipstick.


Cherry is rebellious, provocative and very selfish as she seems to have little to no respect for her family since she doesn't respect her grandfather's property, insists that Andrew wears their grandmother's wig while they make out and doesn't support Andrew when he gets in trouble after they are caught kissing by their relatives.


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