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Hi, you're looking at me. How tall are you? There's a monster next to you!
—Caleb in Everybody Bleeds

Caleb is a recurring character in Big Mouth.


Caleb is a 7th grader in Bridgeton Middle School


He is shown to not know social cues. It's likely he is on the autism spectrum. He can remember certain things, like who and who didn't use the bathroom, and blurts out facts on occasion. He is also part of the Jazz club, with Missy and Lars. For some reason, he can also see Maurice.


Caleb is highly likely to have autism as mentioned above. More specifically, he may have Asperger's Syndrome. This is because he fits the quota of it.

  • He has social problems and cannot easily fit in with the other kids, even if he tries.
  • He has strange interests (knowing about Woody Allen's accusations of molestation) and notices things people usually wouldn't (listing people who have went into the bathroom).
  • Often people with Asperger's Syndrome don't have problems with language or intelligence and Caleb is shown to excel in both.
  • He carries a board which displays different moods to show people's emotions; a tool often used by autistic people.
  • Caleb adores his yellow rolly backpack and relentlessly attacks anybody who touches it. He is also notably fond of anything he is using, once knocking Jay's dad into a pool with his backpack because he touched the AV Club's camera. Being overprotective of inanimate objects is a 'symptom' of autism.
  • He has a flat monotone voice

These are just some of many things that provide us with the fact he is autistic and may well have Asperger's Syndrome