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Cafeteria Girls is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Big Mouth. It is the thirty-fifth episode overall.


After seeing their eighth grade classmates coupled up, Nick and Andrew make a play for two seventh grade girls. Jessi adjusts to life in the city.





Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • First day of 8th grade back at Bridgeton Middle School.
  • Devin and DeVon went on a honeymoon a playland in Rye.
  • First episode to mention Samira's name.
  • Ali and Samira get together.
  • Lump gets into a polyamorous relationship with Mila and Lotte.
  • Mila and Lotte get new hairstyles.
  • Lola reveals that she was held back in kindergarten because she tripped a kid and made him fall on a metal spike in the sidewalk, which presumably killed him.
  • In Jessi's daydream, when she gets thrown into the Dummy Truck, one of the characters in the back ( the man with a piece of paper stuck to his face) was previously seen in the season 1 episode Pillow Talk, taking a shit on the ground during Duke's song.


Cultural References

  • Nick and Andrew joke about how Bart Simpson from The Simpsons has been in 4th grade for over 30 years and also joke about how his hair looks like part of his skin.
  • The new principal is dressed in a costume and the students try to guess who it is. This is a reference to the Fox TV show The Masked Singer.
  • Connie impersonates David Wooderson, a character from the 1993 American coming of age film Dazed and Confused.
  • The title of this episode is a parody and reference to the 2010 Katy Perry song "California Gurls" featuring American rapper Snoop Dogg from her third studio album Teenage Dream.
  • The characters of the seventh grade girls Izzy and Masha are voiced by the actresses of the American show PEN15 which are Anna Konkle as Izzy andMaya Erskine as Misha, which are loosely based off the characters from their show.