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Bridgeton Middle School is a middle school in Bridgeton, Westchester County, NY. Nick, Andrew, Jessi, and Jay attend this school.





  • Despite Bridgeton Middle School being a middle school, it still holds 9th-grade classes, as seen in "Ejaculation", when Dylan said that he was in 9th grade. It also lacks 6th grade classes, as seen in "Cafeteria Girls", when it was said that Izzy and Misha had officially become middle schoolers, upon graduating to 7th grade.
  • Though originally starting off as 7th graders at the beginning of the series, all of the main cast members (Nick, Andew, Jessi, Jay, Missy, etc.) had gone up a grade, following their graduation in "Super Mouth" and their introduction to 8th grade in "Cafeteria Girls", making them all 8th graders now.