The Birch House is a suburban household in a neighborhood in Westchester, New York. It was the former living residence of Duke Ellington and the current living residence of The Birch Family, as well as the ghost of Duke Ellington.


The Birch House debuted in "Ejaculation", when Andrew went over there to have a sleepover with Nick. Andrew and The Birch Family sat around the table and had dinner. Elliot told Andrew the interesting bit of trivia, that famous singer and songwriter, Duke Ellington lived and died in that house.

During their sleepover, Nick and Andrew played basketball, slept, and saw each other's penises in Nick's bedroom. That night, while Nick was sleeping, Andrew masturbated to a kitty cat clock on Nick's wall, imagining it as his dad's secretary, Susan.

Nick went up to the attic to see The Ghost of Duke Ellington, who was still haunting the house and just happily living his afterlife, singing songs and jamming out for all eternity. Duke occasionally talks to Nick, when he goes up there and acts as a companion to him. Nick sought Duke for advice on how to deal with his tiny penis and Duke told him to go get himself a girlfriend to make himself feel better.

In "The Head Push", Judd and Leah held a house party there, while Elliot and Diane were away.

In "Florida", Jay got kicked out of his own house, when his family went on vacation without him. In the meantime, Jay went to The Birch House to live with them. Elliot and Diane were more than happy to welcome Jay into their home and treat them like one of their own kids.

In "The ASSes", Jay left the Birch house and moved back into his own house.



  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Diane & Elliot's Room
  • Diane & Elliot's Bathroom
  • Judd's Room
  • Leah's Room
  • Nick's Room
  • Nick's Bathroom
  • Attic


  • According to the show's lore, Duke Ellington died in what is now the home of the Birch family. In reality, Duke Ellington died at the age of 75, on May 24th, 1974 in New York City. He did not live in a suburban home, nor did he even die in his living residence. After moving to New York, Duke lived in Apartment 4A at 935, St. Nicholas Avenue, in an apartment, that is now known as The Duke Ellington House and his place of death was in The Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. [1]
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