Barbara Glouberman is a supporting character on the Netflix adult animated series, Big Mouth. She is the mother of Andrew Glouberman and wife of Marty Glouberman. She is portrayed by Paula Pell.


Not much is known about Barbara's childhood and early life; though it's implied she was raised Jewish. Sometime in the early 1990's, Barbara had a one-night stand with a guy she met at a Deee-Lite concert. She later discovered she was pregnant, and decided to have an abortion. While driving home after her termination, a distracted Barbara accidentally rear-ended Marty's car. She and Marty began dating soon afterwards and eventually married. Andrew is their only child.


Barbara has fair skin and light blue eyes. Her hair color is a reddish brown, and she styles it with prominent feather bangs. She typically wears a belted long-sleeve pink polo with green pants, dark brown loafers, and gold disk earrings.


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