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Aunt Foreman is the mother of Lena and Quinta Foreman, and the aunt of Missy on her father's side of the family. She appeared in "The Hugest Period Ever".


In "The Hugest Period Ever", Missy's aunt is first seen listening with her mother to Cyrus and Monica recall every single detail of how they got to her house, visibly bored, when Missy's cousins arrive and Mona encourages Missy to go spend time with them. After Lena and Quinta give Missy a makeover to make her look more like a black girl Quinta, Lena, and their mother all cheered Missy on when she lashed out at her parents for depriving her of her culture. While her daughter were taken aback when Missy told her mother to "stop stealing [black people]'s men" Missy's aunt was unfazed and kept cheering her on.


  • Apparently a guy named Ralph has a crush on her and has texted her at least twice but she doesn't return his feelings.