Anything Goes in Florida is a song played in the episode "Florida". It is sung by Maurice the Hormone Monster.

Big Mouth - Florida Song

Big Mouth - Florida Song


Hello, Lakeland!
Ya'll ready to rock
In the sunshine state?

They got rednecks wrestling pythons
They got drunk girls going wild
Party with margaritavillers
And serial killers

While you watch a
Gator eat a child
They proudly lead the
Nation in public masturbation

They're jerkin' off all
Over the place
Forget the key lime pie
Let's get a bath salt high

And munch on a stranger's face
Because anything goes in Florida
Come on down and
Do your worst

Snort a rail off a dolphin
Naked and a-golfin'
Chances are you
Won't be the first

Doing anything, anywhere
Anytime in FLA
They got meth labs
And magic kingdoms

Titty bars and the KKK
And when shit goes down
You can stand your ground
And blow your neighbor away

Because anything goes in Florida
Baby, let the good times roll
If there's a law, you can duck it
If you catch it, you can fuck it

It's America's glory hole
Talking anything, anywhere
Any night and any day

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