Andrew and Basketball
Andrew Missing Basketball Shots is a running gag in Big Mouth, wherein the character Andrew Glouberman, plays basketball and fails to get a single basketball through the hoop. After playing basketball for such a long time and even having basketball hoop in his own driveway, Andrew still manages to miss every single shot he's ever taken on a ridiculously consistent basis.


  • Ejaculation - Nick and Andrew play basketball in Nick's room. Nick manages to score many goals but when Andrew makes an attempt, he misses and breaks something offscreen.
  • Everybody Bleeds - Nick and Andrew play basketball in Andrew's driveway. Nick scores goals but Andrew fails to score even one.
  • Requiem for a Wet Dream - Nick and Andrew played basketball in the driveway and discussed how Andrew was secretly in love with Missy.
  • Am I Normal? - Bridgeton Middle School keeps losing basketball games to other middle schools. Andrew is on the losing team and naturally, he doesn't score a single shot. However, in the end, Nick manages to beat the other team by one point, scoring the final shot. After the game, Marty tells Andrew that he's terrible at basketball because he's uncoordinated.
  • My Furry Valentine - Andrew plays basketball and realizes he has to go to the Valentine's party to get Missy back. As he leaves, he tosses the basketball and it manages to go through the hoop. Andrew goes back and looks at his success in shock. He breaks the fourth wall to brag to the audience about the fact that he actually made a shot for once.
  • Cellsea - Andrew tries to dunk a basketball in Nick's room but misses and lands flat on his back, farting. Nick and Cellsea find this hilarious and Nick asks him to do that again so he can record it.
  • Obsessed - Andrew misses basketball shots in Nick's room, while Nick is on his phone.
  • Super Mouth - In a dramatic sad scene, Andrew officially unfriends Nick and leaves, tossing the basketball behind and scoring a shot. Nick quietly and positively tells him "Hey, look you got one in." only for him to completely ignore this and leave.
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